Waste disposal in Greenford

Serving building contractors and domestic clients across the local area

Here at Acre Skips, we pride ourselves on fast efficient skip services, and making sure all our clients get what they need from our services. Whether you require rapid waste disposal in Greenford, or skip hire over the course of a couple of weeks, we are happy to cater to your needs. Contact us on 020 3007 7929 or fill out our booking form here.

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Skip Hire in Greenford




Skip rental

You can arrange skip rental and waste disposal in Greenford and across the West London area with Acre Skips. Check the map to see which zone you are in, and find out the price you can expect to pay.

Our Full Size Guide

8 YARD £240 + VAT £250 + VAT £270 + VAT
10 YARD £290 + VAT £300 + VAT £310 + VAT
14 YARD £350 + VAT £370 + VAT £390 + VAT
3.5T Van £290 + VAT £300 + VAT £310 + VAT

Wait and load service

If you are unable to obtain a skip permit, we can perform a wait and load service. With this service, we will wait with the skip or van while your team loads it with all the waste from your site within 45 minutes. We will then drive away with the full skip, and dispose of all the waste responsibly and effectively.

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Before Skip Delivery - What To Prepare For

Dealing with parked vehicles

When delivering or collecting skips, parked vehicles can be a big problem. If your street is narrow or vehicles often park opposite your property, you should speak to your neighbours to ensure that the space is blocked off and the delivery or collection can proceed smoothly. This is especially important when working near schools or at specific times of the day.

Dealing with low-hanging obstructions

Low-hanging obstructions, such as trees or cables, can be dangerous and cause damage to our vehicles, drivers, and the public. Before any delivery or collection, please inform us of any such obstructions along the route to your property. If there are decorative elements like trees, bushes, or hedges on your property, please provide clear instructions for the location of the skip to avoid damage.

Ensuring access through gates

If your property is gated, please inform us and make arrangements so that we can access the property at the agreed time for the delivery or collection to proceed.

Knowing about height restrictions

If there are any height or width restrictions on the route to your property, please let us know when ordering the service. This will help us avoid delays when delivering or collecting the skip.

Considering driveways, manholes, and sewage systems

If you share a driveway with a neighbour, let them know in advance that you are having a skip or container delivered or collected to avoid any inconvenience. If there is no space on your driveway or property for the skip, you may need to place it on the street, which requires a permit. Also, inform the driver about any manholes, entries to the sewage system, or access to meters so that they are not blocked.

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Weight restrictions

Bear in mind that our vehicles with a full skip weigh up to 18 tons. If there are weight restrictions en route please let us know in advance.

Likewise, if the driveway on your property cannot take that weight, contact our office in advance, on 020 3007 7929 and we shall arrange a street permit for you as part of our service. We perform waste disposal in Greenford and across Greater London and surrounding areas.

Please note: We do not bear responsibility for damages to your property where the correct information has not been provided.



When hiring a skip we should always make sure that it is placed in a convenient location for easy filling. But there are guidelines we must follow. In some cases, you'll need a skip permit if the skip will be located on a public highway, sometimes you'll also need the skip to be placed in a parking bay where additional fees are required to suspend bays.

Check with your local council below to see if you need a skip permit. We carry out waste disposal in Greenford and across the local area.

Check With Your Local Council